Hey there, welcome to The Artist’s Corner!

My name’s AlyMarie Fox and I’m an artist.  I draw, write and act.  I’m also a bookworm, a nerd and a cinephile. You could say my head is either high in the clouds or my nose is stuck in a book. I love to create something for others to enjoy, whether it’s a drawing or a story or a performance. I believe that art is what makes life so beautiful and I’m just another person looking to add to that beauty.

Maybe you are too.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re like me. Maybe you’re an artist, a writer, a nerd, a bookworm or simply an appreciator of the arts. Maybe you haven’t found your artistic passion yet. Or maybe you just stumbled upon this page and you don’t know why your eyes are skimming through these words.  Whatever the case may be, let me give you a tour so you know what to expect the next time you visit this site.

Think of this blog as a house.  Just by being here, you’ve already made it through the front doors.

This is the main floor, where I will share with you any recaps of what goes down and you will see my latest posts. This page is also where you can get to know me. Q&A’s? Stories about me? You’ll find it all here.

The Book Nook is the library. This page is all things book-related, which includes book tags, TBR piles, plus reviews and recommendations. Interested in what I’m reading or what I thought about a book? Need any book recommendations? Maybe I can help you find something.

The Cine-Edge is the family room.  This page has the same concept as the Book Nook, except it’s all about movies. So sit back, relax, grab some popcorn and read about the latest films.

The Writing Den is the office.  Here, I will share any writing activities I do, my writing tips and advice to keep myself preoccupied from writer’s block. After all, you know what they say: writing a day keeps the writer’s block away (I know that’s not a thing but let’s just go with it).

The Art Corner is the kitchen, where various ingredients come together to create a masterpiece. If you’re looking for arts & crafts ideas or any inspiration, you can check out these activities to unleash your inner artist.

I want to be as open with you as possible so communication is key.  This blog is meant to share with you my artistic passions and inspire you to do the same. I believe everyone should immerse themselves into the arts, whether you’re the creator or a spectator. I would really appreciate any feedback, comments, questions or suggestions because I want to produce content that I like but that you will enjoy as well.

Mi casa es tu casa.

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