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The Would You Rather Book Tag

Hello everyone! Today I’ll be doing the “Would You Rather” Book Tag. I was tagged by Sofia at Aelin’s Kingdom (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and I can’t wait to answer her questions! I’m not sure who or if there is an original creator behind this so whoever started this all, I give credit to you!

This is going to be so much fun!

The rules are pretty straightforward. You first answer the questions given to you by the person who tagged you. Then, at the end, you write your own questions and tag other people to answer the questions you created. And thus, the cycle continues.

So let’s begin!

1. Would you rather have your favourite character’s powers or your favourite villain’s powers?

Oooh that’s tough because I feel like they would both have pretty sick powers. I’m going to go with favourite character’s powers because at the end of the day, good conquers evil and I would probably be scared to have a villain’s powers. Like, what if their powers are what makes them or turned them evil? I’m not looking to be the next Anakin Skywalker.

2. Would you rather have your favourite character perform life-or-death surgery on you or you perform surgery on them?

I wouldn’t trust either to be honest, haha.

But I’d rather perform surgery on them. I know, how selfish of me. But also because I can NOT stand needles.

Plus, I already know what kind of surgery I would perform. I would do a gallbladder or appendix removal because I remember my Grade 10 Science teacher telling us that you can live without them.

I’m not sure if this surgery on the character is meant to be life-or-death as well, but for someone like me, who doesn’t have a medical degree, my surgical attempt might just end up being life-or-death regardless.

3. Would you rather write in your books with an indelible pen or be reading and realise there are 20 pages missing?

Oh gosh … I don’t like writing in books but I don’t like missing pages either!

Ahhh, forgive me book gods but I would have to go with the indelible pen. Missing pages is equally a sin but at least I’m in control of this pen and I’ll write as far away as possible from the text. I’ll turn this into a positive and doodle on the sides! Yes, I’ll beautify the interior of my book and make it look like it was printed like that on purpose (while crying tears of sadness)!

4. Would you rather be the villain or be the hero but be unable to save anyone?

I don’t want to be bad so I’d rather be the hero that can’t save anyone. I’ll be like Nick Fury and just get other heroes to do the work for me.

5. Would you rather date your favourite character or be best friends with them?

I mean, it all depends on which favourite character we’re talking about here because I have so many! If this character is the dashing Will Herondale or perchance a Finnick Odair then I must pick date.

6. Would you rather be banned from libraries forever or be banned from bookshops together?

Banned from libraries. Buying books is just a part of who I am and NO ONE can take that away from me! I need to buy my book babies!!!!

7. Would you rather be forced to read physical books that are always damaged or forced to read on a kindle that turns off for thirty minutes every two hours?

If I pick the kindle, does that mean I would still be able to read physical books that are undamaged? Because if that’s the case, every time it turns off, I’ll take a snack break or continue reading from my UNDAMAGED physical copy. But then that means I’ll be spending money on two copies of the same book AND I would have to invest in a kindle ….

You know what, scratch that, I’ll take the damaged physical copies. That way maybe I can get a discount on my book?

8. Would you rather trade wardrobes with your least favourite character or trade wardrobes with one of your parents?

I’ll trade wardrobes with my least favourite character. They probably have a better fashion taste than me (and my parents) anyways.

9. Would you rather live in your favourite dystopian world or your favourite fantasy world?

Ouff, considering dystopian means a place of suffering, I’m going to go with a fantasy world. I mean a fantasy world isn’t better considering there’s always evil forces and monsters but I feel like there’s more positives than negatives. Fantasy worlds are so beautiful. I’ve never read a dystopian book where I thought to myself, gosh I wish I could live there! Sorry Panem.

10. Would you rather always know beforehand how a book ends or never be able to read the end of a book?

Haha, unpopular opinion over here but I would pick knowing how a book ends. The reason why I’m saying it’s an unpopular opinion is because I already read the last page of a book before I start the book. Oops!

I know I’m ruining the book for myself but I like knowing things in advance! And it weirdly hypes the book up for me, like I end up reading something and I’m like, “What? HOW?! I need to keep reading this book from where I left off! I need to find out how this happened?”

But just to clarify, I only like when a spoiler is revealed on my own account. If I spoil something for myself, that’s on me. If someone else spoils the end for me, well …

Alright, that’s the end of the book tag!

I’m going to tag the following people:

As well as anyone who reads this post!

And here are my questions to you!

  1. Would you rather your favourite book be turned into a poor film adaptation or a TV series that gets cancelled after season 1?
  2. Would you rather finish a book you originally DNF’d or never be allowed to reread your favourite series again?
  3. Would you rather drop your book in a puddle or in mud?
  4. Would you rather spend a year reading one star books or a year in a reading slump?
  5. Would you rather have a series on your shelf with different formats (for instance, one book in the series is a paperback while the rest are hardcover) or a series with mismatched covers?
  6. Would you rather only be allowed to buy books with deckled edges or hardcovers without their jackets?
  7. Would you rather have to listen to your least favourite music genre while you read or have to read during a concert of your favourite artist/band?
  8. Would you rather only be able to read the books from your favourite author or only be able to read the books from your favourite series?
  9. Would you rather meet your favourite author but never get to finish reading all their books or never meet your favourite author but read all their books?
  10. Would you rather your favourite character die or your favourite character end up with your least favourite character?

And for anyone participating in the “Would You Rather” book tag, may the odds be ever in your favour!

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